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Core Energy Group specializes in the use of renewable energy in our built environments. We design and install systems that optimize the value of renewable energy systems while reducing dependence on traditional fossil fuels through intelligent web-based controls. Our Services Include:

  • Turn-Key Systems Installs
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • System Design, Design Review
  • Net Zero Water Heating Systems
  • Smart Partnerships
  • Carbon Accounting & Asset Management
Energy Assets Take Many Forms

Rely On Our Combined Experience

Our systems are designed to Optimize overall client value delivering value beyond utility savings.

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Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Pair with a commercial heat pump system & solar thermal pre-heating for complete netzero water heating and avoid peak demand.

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Solar Hot Water

Serious Power, 4X the power per square foot vs PV. Reduce your DHW gas heating load by 50% to 90% with a solar thermal domestic hot water system.

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Commercial Solar Pool Heating

Upgrade to commercial Quality 25 Yr Year-Round Pooling Solar Thermal Systems that don't require replacement in 10 Yrs like plastic.

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Power And Energy Storage

Trust your utility? Neither do we. Stop giving away the value of your solar system and install commercial energy storage.

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Solar Process & District Heating

Transcend into the next generation of solar and remove your reliance on fossil fuels. Contact us on how to correctly integrate your facility to run on reliable solar thermal 24 Hrs per Day.

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Complete Hot Water Management

Do you manage multiple properties or multiple mechanical rooms? Do your tenants know before you if the hot water is down?

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No Onsite Emissions

Reduces Onsite & Local Pollution

Energy Storage

Cost Effective Energy Storage

Load Shifting

24 Hr Load Matching


Heat Available during Utility Outages


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Jan, 2020

Core Energy Group reduces the natural gas foot print on a 10 building site in Mountain View CA by 50%+.

Feb, 2020

Core Energy Group Decarbonizes San Diego State University’s Aztec Aquaplex.



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